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Pet-friendly Camping Vacations

If you are looking for pet-friendly camping in Florida, keep in mind that the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park welcomes pets! Take the worry out of vacationing and bring your furry friends along. As you relax, your pet will also benefit from the vacation with new experiences, friends and activities.

The Mosquito Lagoon area on the east coast of Florida is a perfect place to vacation with your pet. Many parks are pet-friendly, as well as restaurants. There are even Central Florida theme parks that offer kennel service while you are enjoying the attractions. Since you would not want to leave your pet at the RV park all day unattended, Disney Kennels, SeaWorld Parks, Universal Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa all offer daily kennel service. Nearer to our location is Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex who also offers FREE kennel service. The kennel is available beginning at 9:00 a.m. until park close.

There are also several pet-friendly restaurants in our area. Look for those that have outdoor dining areas. They are often accustomed to having pets as guests. For pet-friendly beaches, check out Smyrna Dunes Park located at the north end of New Smyrna Beach. Dogs are welcome to join you on-leash at this lovely inlet which also includes showers, bathrooms, and loads of parking.

Pet-friendly RV Park

Pet Friendly RV ParkIf you have traveled with your pet in the past, you know how great it is to find a pet-friendly RV park in Florida. When making your reservation at the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park, please indicate if you will be bringing your pet(s). While we are willing to try and make additional accommodations for your best friend if necessary, it is recommended that you bring your own pet food, snacks, toys, blankets, leashes, medications (if any) and water dishes. Having these familiar items while away from home will help with your pet’s comfort.

While we do not require pets to have proof that they are up-to-date on their vaccinations, we do recommend that they are current. Some of our furry guests love to meet new friends during their stay and you want to safeguard against any communicable diseases. Nobody wants to return home from a pet-friendly vacation sick and in need of a veterinarian!

Pet-friendly Cabin Rentals

If renting a cabin, the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park does charge a pet fee of $10 per day per pet. We have added this cost due to the additional cleaning cost it requires once a pet stays in one of our cabins. Scratching at the door (or windows/screens) is a “no no.” Any additional damage to fixtures will be charged to your credit card for a complete replacement.

Pet Rules

We expect your furry ones to be on their best behavior, as we know they will be. Camping pets are happy pets! Please follow these rules:

  • Leash your pet whenever you are out of your cabin or RV.
  • Do not allow your dog to run around at-will.
  • Do not chase cats – no matter how tempting it is!
  • Be respectful of your neighbors, especially with barking issues.
  • Aggressive behavior is unacceptable. Period!
  • It is a local ordinance to pick up after your pet, as well as a courtesy to other campers, so please carry a plastic bag with you on your walks and be responsible.
  • Trash receptacles are located throughout Mosquito Lagoon RV Park to dispose of your dog’s waste.

As pet owners ourselves, we know what it means to be able to vacation with your pet. So come on ahead and bring your pet with you while you are visiting Volusia County. Your pets are welcome while camping with us!

Miss Frankie

Meet Miss Frankie, our pet guest welcoming party!

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