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Volusia County Boat Ramps

Mosquito Lagoon RV Park Boat Ramp

There are a lot of boating opportunities in Florida, but finding a boat ramp in Volusia County to launch from can be a challenge. Listed below are Mosquito Lagoon boat ramps in the Oak Hill area and a little information about each. Of course, the closest boat ramp to the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park is right here within our campground and is FREE for our guests!

Our Mosquito Lagoon RV Park Boat Ramp has a sand bottom and offers canal access to the Mosquito Lagoon. Markers are located along the channel to exit the shallow waters near the shoreline of the RV park. An experienced boat operator can easily put in at our boat ramp – even boats as long as 22’. Water depth is most commonly between 3’ and 5’ so you’ll need to know the tide and your boat’s minimal operating depth.

Our boat ramp also offers tie posts, trash receptacles and a fish cleaning station with running water. The boat ramp is free for our guests. Please contact us for information about trailer parking.

We know several fishing and nature guides. Give us a call at 321-213-4973 and we’ll “hook” you up. Another option is to check out one of our kayaks for a great adventure on the water of the Mosquito Lagoon.

Boat Ramp & Channel Markers at the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park

Other Oak Hill Boat Ramps – Volusia County Boat Ramps

Riverbreeze Park and Boat Launch: If you are not a guest at Mosquito Lagoon RV Park but are looking for a public boat ramp nearby, the closest one is located within Riverbreeze Park. It is located just up the road at 250 H.H. Burch Road, Oak Hill, FL 32759. Not only does this park offer a great boat ramp and plenty of trailer parking, but many other amenities too. The park is 37 acres with five acres being directly on the river. The fishing pier at this park is great. Please note that all saltwater fishing regulations apply. The park also has pavilions, a picnic area, playground, restrooms and a nature trail. There is no fee to launch your boat at this ramp.

Riverbreeze Park

Turnbull Creek Primitive Boat Launch: South of Mosquito Lagoon RV Park along U.S. Highway 1 in Oak Hill, FL 32759 is a government owned primitive boat ramp. If you are looking for brackish water within Turnbull Creek, small boats can launch at this boat ramp. A sand entry with one lane is offered with 4 trailer parking spaces.

Privately Owned / Public Boat Ramps in Oak Hill, Florida

Indian Mound Fish Camp: This Volusia County boat ramp is located at 234 Indian Creek Rd., Oak Hill, FL 32759. It is commercially owned for public use. This boat ramp is constructed of sand and has one lane.

Bissitt Bay Fish Camp: This is another Volusia County boat ramp that is commercially owned but offers public use. It is located at the end of East Ariel Rd., Oak Hill, FL 32759. It offers a concrete launch pad with one boat lane.

Lopez RV Park & Marina: Our neighbors to the north of us, located at 375 River Dr., Oak Hill, FL 32759 offer a boat ramp with 2-wide concrete launching ramps. Trailer parking is specified for 10 vehicles.

Edgewater Boat Ramps – Volusia County Boat Ramps

Cameron’s Marina/Marker 57: Another privately owned, public ramp located in Edgewater can be found at 2001 South Riverside Drive #25, Edgewater, FL 32141. This boat ramp has a concrete ramp with a single lane. There are 15 spaces for vehicle parking with trailers. Cost is $2. Call (386) 428-3063 for more information.

Menard May Park is located in Edgewater at 413 South Riverside Dr., 32132. It offers 2 lanes for its sand boat ramp and some parking, although not specific for boat trailers. Visit the City of Edgewater for more information.

George Kennedy Memorial Park is also located in Edgewater at 103 North Riverside Drive and offers 4 lanes for boats to launch at with a concrete surface. There are 30 parking spaces for trailers, a bathroom and fishing pier. Visit the City of Edgewater for more information.

New Smyrna Beach Boat Ramps – Volusia County Boat Ramps

Canaveral National Seashore: The North Apollo Beach paved boat ramp is located on the east side of the Mosquito Lagoon (Turtle Mound). To access it by land, you must travel through New Smyrna Beach, then south on A1A through Bethune Beach into the Canaveral National Seashore. The boat ramp here has 2 lanes, a bathroom, and 22 trailer parking spaces. The ramp has a concrete surface and offers plenty of space for all sizes of boats. If you are only boating and not planning to visit the rest of the park, there is no charge.

Canaveral National Seashore: The South Apollo Beach Primitive Boat Ramp is located further south within the National Park (New Smyrna side) where the road ends. It is a single lane ramp with gravel and sand construction. There are only 4 parking spaces for trailers at this end of the park. You will need to pay admission ($5) to travel to this boat ramp within the park. Most boaters use the North Apollo Beach Ramp or put in at one of the boat ramps on the west side of the Mosquito Lagoon. Visit the National Park Service for more information.

Hiles Boulevard Boat Ramp: Perfect for canoes, kayaks, paddle boards and very small boats, this boat ramp is located at the west end of Hiles Blvd. in New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169. Parking is provided 3 blocks to the east along Atlantic Avenue. Putting in here will provide navigation through a network of salt marsh creeks, scenic mangroves and nature. Take a GPS if you are not familiar with the area.

North Causeway Boat Ramp in New Smyrna Beach (west side) is currently closed. When this reopens, it will offer 4 lanes with concrete surfaces. A new bathroom and parking lot are being rebuilt. Expect for there to be a cost to launch from this boat ramp when it reopens. The east side is still open and offers 4 lanes with concrete. There are 30 parking spaces, however, with other facilities sharing this parking lot, it is difficult to find parking at this boat ramp.


Boat Ramp Disaster in NSB

This is definitely what NOT to do at the North Causeway public boat ramp!
We suppose Barbara Ann was a little upset!

Swoope Boat Ramp located at 2495 North Dixie Highway in New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 (off U.S. 1 on the east side) is a fairly new boat ramp. It offers deep water access to the Halifax River and Ponce de Leon Inlet with steep ramps made of concrete. Two wide lanes are available and 36 parking spaces for vehicles with trailers. The dock also offers a fishing area with a restroom. This is a very nice boat ramp – beware of currents & tides, however, when using these ramps.

Brevard County Boat Ramps

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge: While it is in Brevard County, not Volusia, this public boat ramp is still within the Mosquito Lagoon body of water. The WSEG Boat Ramp is for small boats only. It is located at the end of Taylor Road off S.R. 3 (Courtenay Pkwy./Kennedy Pkwy.), Merritt Island, FL 32759. It has a pre-cast modular slab for the single boat ramp and gravel/dirt parking for 5 trailers. The waters for this ramp are shallow, and there is very little turn-around space.

Many other boat ramps are located in Brevard County, including 4 other ramps within the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Please visit Brevard County’s website for more information. We’ve listed the WSEG boat ramp, because it is fairly close to the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park.

If you are looking for a boat ramp within another area of Florida, check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission boat ramp finder on their website or search within the Volusia County’s website. If you have additions you’d like to add to our site, or have further questions about the boat ramps in our area, give us a call at 321-213-4973. Boat ramps with access to the Mosquito Lagoon provide great fishing and opportunities to experience nature within this fascinating water estuary.

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