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Kayak Mosquito Lagoon – Free for Guests!

There may not be a better way to experience the Mosquito Lagoon than by way of a kayak. Kayaks and canoes are very popular in Florida and have been used for centuries to navigate the diverse Mosquito Lagoon estuary. Unlike boats, they are easy to navigate in shallow water and provide a great way to exercise without a lot of experience.

Kayak fishing is fun!

Mosquito Lagoon Kayak Rentals

Because it is difficult to find kayak rentals in Oak Hill or anywhere near the Mosquito Lagoon, we loan them out to our guests for free! Mosquito Lagoon RV Park guests enjoy kayak use as part of their RV reservation or cabin rental. This is a great value, especially since the few local places that do rent kayaks charge as much as $100+ per day!* If you really want to rent a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, check out the many companies that rent them on New Smyrna Beach’s website. NSB is about 13 miles north of Oak Hill where our RV Park is located

Kayak Safety Tips

If you are using our kayaks, or bringing one of your own, please keep the following safety tips in mind. They will make your day on the Mosquito Lagoon much more enjoyable and safe.

  • Stay within site of the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park especially if you are new to kayaking. Spoil islands, the clinkers, and various marshes and shoals, can all look the same if you are not familiar with the area.
  • Know how to paddle or swim in currents.
  • Never paddle alone, but if you do, tell someone when you are leaving and what time you plan to return. Check in upon your safe return.
  • Give plenty of room to anglers in boats. Try to make as little noise as possible while kayaking through their favorite fishing hole.
  • Paddle into the wind on your way out. Usually the wind will not shift during the day, so your trip back home will be easier.
  • We provide a paddle, life jacket (PFD) and a plastic whistle. These are required by the U.S. Coast Guard and state law. If you plan to go out in a kayak between sunset and sunrise, you are also required to display a white light for other vessels to better see you to avoid a collision.
  • Other safety equipment you might consider taking with you is a first-aid kit, towel, sun screen lotion and a cell phone kept in a zip lock bag. Make sure the bag or container is waterproof!
  • Pack a snack and some bottled water if you are planning to be out for a long period of time. Do not get dehydrated. Keep all trash in your kayak and dispose of it once you are back at the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park. Let’s do our part to help keep the Mosquito Lagoon looking beautiful!
  • Fishing from a kayak can be fun. Be sure to bring extra tackle, your fishing license and water shoes (oyster shells are sharp yet their beds often provide fish with prime feeding spots). Do not tie off vessels to vegetation or signs.
  • Other items that we often suggest for groups to take with them are extra paddles, charts, tide tables, timepieces, weather radios, a towline and compasses. Be sure to also take a camera (in your water-tight container)!

What to Look for and Do While Kayaking in the Mosquito Lagoon

Be watchful of the manatees, porpoises, turtles and birds. We value these creatures and want them to remain safe for everyone to enjoy for future generations. Do not touch a manatee should you come close to one. Same goes for any nesting birds and their eggs.

There are hundreds of dolphin (porpoises) that live in the lagoon year round. They can be very entertaining. Take a look at the web cams near our Dolphin Vista cabin – quite often dolphin feed near here and can be seen by our guests and online viewers. There are also sharks, although they are rarely seen. We’ve even spotted alligators near the feeder creeks, culverts and clinkers.

Explore our web site prior to going out on the kayak, so you can research the many natural wonders you might see (bird watching, fishing and more). You’ll have plenty to see during your kayak adventure in the Mosquito Lagoon. At the end of your trip, be sure to stop by the tiki hut and let us know about your adventures. Other guests at the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park will enjoy hearing about your paddle!

When you are making your reservation at the RV Park or renting a cabin, be sure to let us know if you will be wanting to use one of our kayaks. You may also stop by the office upon your arrival to inquire about our free kayak rentals. If you have questions, call us at 321-213-4973.

*See JB’s Fish Camp on the east area of Mosquito Lagoon for kayak and paddle board rentals.

Kayaking is fun at MLRV

Feel free to bring your own kayak or water craft!

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