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Mosquito Lagoon RV Park: Bird Watching

Mosquito Lagoon RV Park is a great place to stay if you are interested in Florida’s bird watching opportunities. Whether you are looking for a particular species, or just enjoy viewing some of nature’s finest, we are a great location for bird watching!

Our area is known for many species including cranes, owls, woodpeckers and a vast number of waterfowl and shorebirds/seabirds. We see Pelicans, Skimmers and Terns nearly every day. Sit on your cabin’s deck or dock and enjoy watching Anhingas dive for their catch. Storks and Spoonbills fly by with their beautiful feathers. There are also a number of birds of prey including Osprey, Falcons, Vultures and an occasional Bald Eagle.

Go on a kayak adventure and do some bird watching at Mosquito Lagoon RV Park!

The Mosquito Lagoon RV Park is within a short drive from many trails listed on the Great Florida Birding Trail, including Canaveral National Seashore, River Breeze Park, Scottsmoor Landing and many other. To learn more about bird watching, read about our great bird watching state…

If you are thinking about adding bird watching to your list of hobbies, check out this helpful guide. If you still have further questions about the services we offer or about bird watching in our area, give us a call at 321-213-4973.

Some Birds in Our Area

American Kestel
Bald Eagle
Male Downey
Red Bellied Woodpecker
Egret Profile
Snowy Egret
Great White Heron
Cooper's Hawk
Great Horned Owl
Whooping Crane
Barred owl

Here are some additional sources for information concerning bird watching while staying at the Mosquito Lagoon RV Park:

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