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Area Activities Near Mosquito Lagoon RV Park

The closest area of interest is right here at the RV park. We are located directly on the remains of an ancient Timucua Indian mound or midden. Midden means dumping ground in Timucuan.

The mound was removed by the county way back when the roadbeds meant more than preserving the past. This particular midden was called Hotel Mound. Someone long ago built a hotel on top of the mound, but after a short time it burned down, hence the name Hotel Mound. This mound was a dumping ground for all of the things the Indians discarded such as clams, conch and oyster shells. The one thing we still find in abundance at low tide on our banks are the discarded shards and larger pieces of their pottery.

Can you find the pottery pieces in the shoreline photos below?

Nearby Florida Attraction

Within walking distance is the ‘Seminole Rest’ – a protected trail that offers a beautiful walk back in time of the Indians and the settlers that lived and ultimately saved this gem of the past. You may read more about this Florida attraction on their website. So come and enjoy your new home on the Inter-coastal Waterway.

An Activity for You:

Can you see the piece of Timucuan Indian pottery on our shoreline in either of these photos? (Hover your mouse over the photo to see if you recognized them.)


Pottery 2

Fishing & Fishing Guides

We know all of the best fishing guides in the area. Bring your boat to launch on our own ramp and dock it at your own slip. If you want a special treat, we know all of the best fishing guides in the area. We have kayaks free to our neighbors who want a different view of the Lagoon.

Events & Extras

Come over after a day of fun and relax at our tiki deck. The VAB where the Space Shuttle is erected is visible from the tiki deck as well. Talk about a front row seat for a rocket or other NASA/Air Force launch! We have lots of planned and impromptu cookouts. All sites are full hookups with most sites having 30 or 50 amp service available. If you want to keep up with friends, family or world events, we also offer Wi-Fi for your laptop. Don’t have an RV? Call ahead and reserve one of our cabins. If you’re looking for a beautiful place to spend a little time or a lot, call us at Mosquito Lagoon RV 321-749-0061.

PS: If you own a scoot, the riding is great and if you’d like some company we’ll ride with you and show you around.

Thanks and welcome home,
Del and Linda

More Area Information & Helpful Links

General Information

  • Volusia County’s Information about Oak Hill
    This site has information on the history of Oak Hill as well as photos of the area including the boat ramps at River Breeze Park.
    City of Oak Hill
    This is the City’s site to get information about the City and its agencies.
    Disappearing Island
    Welcome to – a website with information about a wonderful little place right at Ponce Inlet.

Fishing Information

  • Salt Water Fish Identification Guide
    Mosquito Lagoon Guides
    Offering anglers information about Central Florida Fishing, Mosquito Lagoon Fishing and Indian River Light Tackle and Fly Fishing Redfishing Guides.


Bird Watching and Eco-tours

With 485 species having been spotted in Florida, you’ve chosen a great place for bird-watching! Visit our bird watching page. Here are some links that may be of help:

Shuttle Launch at Night


  • Kennedy Space Center
    Where else in the world do history and the future, nature and technology, young and old meet for an unforgettable and inspirational journey through space and time? The Kennedy Space Center has hosted millions of guests from around the world for more than 30 years — telling the story of how the United States built a space program that launched men to the Moon, orbited satellites that have improved our lives, and sent probes into distant space to solve the mysteries of the cosmos.
  • Rocket Launch Schedule

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